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Ibis Real Estate Co. has over 30 years of experience assisting buyers in search of their perfect property. Whether you are looking for a private getaway for your family, a timberland investment or a development property we have the hands on experience to ensure the process will be enjoyable and leave you with the desired outcome.

Everyone on the Ibis Real Estate Co. team has bought, sold and developed properties for themselves. The knowledge and insight gained from these experiences helps us better understand our clients' concerns and needs. We have a deep understanding of the buying process and are able to walk you confidently through the various stages armed with a team of land specialist and trusted service providers.

Fill out the form below and a Land Specialist will be in touch with you right away. Be sure to ask them to send you a free copy of our land buying guide. It contains some very helpful tips and questions to confidently walk you through the land buying journey.