Meet Our Agents

John Hetzler

Broker & Land Specialist

John started his career as a real estate broker in 2001 with a focus on commercial and residential development properties. In 2005 he joined GVA International, a commercial brokerage, where he helped private equity clients and developers buy and sell assets in East Tennessee. Throughout his career he has been the lead broker in the sale of over 120,000 acres with an estimated value of $180,000,000. He has also been instrumental in the protection of over 20,000 acres in the Cumberland Plateau region with the use of conservation easements. In 2009 he formed Ibis Real Estate Co. to increase his teams' focus on land sales and management throughout the Southeast.

Cell: (423) 313-5457

Dave Cates

Affiliate Broker

Dave started his career as a real estate broker in 2004 building houses in Anchorage Alaska. He returned to Tennessee in 2005 to join GVA International, a commercial brokerage, where he helped private equity clients and developers buy and sell assets in East Tennessee. During his tenure there, he was instrumental in the sale of over 45,000 acres valued at over $63,000,000. In 2009 he joined Ibis Real Estate Co. as an Affiliate Broker and is instrumental in retail sales and conservation projects. He is pivotal in ongoing business development.

Cell: (423) 432-6303

James Moon

Land Specialist

James Moon attended Rhodes College where he earned his bachelor's degree in history in 2009. From 2010 to 2016, he worked as a Petroleum Landman in North Dakota, Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle and South Texas. As a field Landman with MJC Resources, Drovers' Trail Land Company and Bakken HBT, James searched county records, determined mineral ownership and leased thousands of acres in Oklahoma and Texas for oil and gas exploration. As an in-house landman with GeoSouthern Energy and Devon Energy, James was responsible for forming drilling units, managing brokers, planning pad construction, negotiating lease trades and joint ventures, and scheduling drilling rig activity. With an opportunity to apply his knowledge of land in his home state of Tennessee, James moved to Chattanooga to join Ibis Real Estate Co. in 2016. James' varied and extensive experiences in land have made him a valuable asset to the Ibis Real Estate Co. team.

Cell: (931) 580-1864

John Eldridge

Land Specialist

Following graduation from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a BS in Sociology and African Studies John worked in the wildlife industry assisting in the management of multiple wilderness areas covering hundreds of thousands of acres in Central African Republic, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. After moving back to his family farm in northwest Georgia he established a beef cattle operation with an emphasis on producing well adapted registered cattle using holistic land practices and sustainable grazing techniques. He previously worked as a financial adviser with a Fortune 500 financial services firm and has a broad knowledge of the financial markets and incorporating real estate into a portfolio of assets. John's extensive practical working expertise in land management led him to join Ibis Real Estate Co. where he is able to offer valuable counsel to his clients on real estate ownership for wildlife management, agricultural production and investment purposes.

Cell: (423) 505-9547